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AT PRO ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANICS:    "IT ALL STARTS WITH THE SOIL"The key to a healthy Lawn and Landscape is well-aerated, living soil that's rich in Organic Matter. We provide this with every application.

Spring Is Finally Here..........

 .......and it's time to do something about your lawn. Your might be reading this because your not really happy with how your lawn looks each summer and you may be starting to worry about all those chemicals your Grass Cutter or Chemical Lawn Service has been applying to your lawn each year.

Many of the people providing Chemical Lawn Service have questionable knowledge. But the bottom line here is what they are applying to your lawn is TOXIC.

If you have kids and pets who play on your lawn, you might want to rethink that scenario.

Pro Environmental Organics Has The Knowledge And Experience

Call us now for a Free Estimate and Evaluation and take advantage of our Special Offer of A FREE TREE & SHRUB FEEDING WITH FULL SEASON NATURAL AND ORGANIC LAWN HEALTH CARE PROGRAM. We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Checks. 

As a former professional Landscaper (for over 22 years), I can tell you that most of the Lawn Services who call themselves "Landscapers" are just Grass Cutters who don't know a darn thing about proper lawn health care. They know even less about trees & shrubs. Most of them can't even cut a lawn the right way. 

Yet these are the people who you many of you are allowing to apply toxic chemicals to your lawn. A lot of these guys don't even have the license to do it.

Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides are Making your Soil Sick

Pro Environmental Organics offers a truly unique approach to Natural Lawn, Tree & Shrub Health Care. Our applications, treatments and programs, along with our close to thirty years of experience in this field, provide the absolute finest Natural and Organic Lawn, Tree &  Shrub Care on Long Island.

Our Cost Effective all Liquid products allow us to offer very Affordable all Natural and Organic Lawn Care and Tree & Shrub Care Treatments that provide great results.

Pro Environmental Organics lawn program will improve soil structure and soil health faster than any other companies programs, guaranteed.

Each one of our lawn treatments includes multiple natural products that includes Organic Broadleaf Weed Control at no additional charge. Most companies charge separately for weed control.


Here at Pro Environmental Organics, our mission is to provide our clients with Beautiful and Healthy Lawns, Trees & Shrubs, an absolutely safe and worry free home environment and the best customer service in the Industry.

More than one of our customers have given us the compliment: "my lawn has never looked better". And that was with just their first season with us !

We are also passionate about helping to increase awareness and help to educate the people of Long Island about the very real hazards and dangers of all the Toxic Pesticides and Toxic Chemical Fertilizers the Lawn Care Companies and Homeowners alike are dumping on the lawns of Long Island every year. 

Toxic Chemical Fertilizers, which are water soluble, are polluting and destroying Long Islands Lakes, Ponds, Streams, Rivers, Bays, etc...with Nitrates from the Chemical Fertilizers that pass right through the soil and into the Ground Water. Which in turn  is contaminating the Aquifers, our only natural source of Drinking Water!

Toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers just treat the symptoms and provide no sustainable solutions.

Natural and Organic lawn, Tree and Shrub Care  is now a completely effective, totally sustainable and affordable option. In fact, for anyone concerned with their family's health and our Island's Environment, it's the only viable option. And it's the only viable future for Long Island's Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care Industry.

If we all just stop using Chemical Fertilizer on even just our lawns, we may still be able to save Long Islands Drinking Water Supply, The Aquifers.

     It's Time to Care about Long Island's Ground Water and Waterways..... Go Organic....... Go Pro Environmental Organics !

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